A special thanks to our generous sponsors:

  • The Sanskrit word ‘rasa’ is rich with expressive meanings, such as taste, nectar, essence, divine love. In our daily living, rasa is the cultivation of the senses, the authentic awareness and experience of the pure essence of every moment. Through yoga, by our words and actions, in peace and in struggle, with our family and friends and strangers alike, may we experience rasa in the simplest, or perhaps the most complex, of our every day moments.It is with that beautiful notion that we at Rasa Center endeavor to bring to our community.
  • Rasa is Shine a Light’s Metta sponsor which is Sanskrit for loving kindness. Rasa’s sponsorship defrays the costs of the event (candles, insurance, venue, etc.) to maximize the support we give to our partner organizations. Rasa also provides the top fundraiser with a 20-class gift certificate!

JoyFull Yoga Wellness Center is located in Jacksonville, OR. It offers beautiful, safe place to experience wellness designed for the 21st century. JoyFull Yoga is geared towards the needs of each individual, meeting you where you are in your body and is completely accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. We offer also offer other yoga and Belly Dance classes, workshops, retreats,Transformational Sound Healing gatherings and holistic health services–including a variety or healing therapies, spiritual and wellness support–and online self-healing and empowerment classes at www.Foundation4yourLIFE.com.

JoyFull Yoga Wellness Center is a place for you to experience yourself in a profound way and to acquire tools to awaken your passion and joy and to experience radiant health and Joy Full life. See our schedule www.JoyFull-Yoga.com; (541) 899-0707.

Studio 151 opened in 2016, the building itself an expression of my aesthetic.The mixed media  sculptural artwork began as a spontaneous form of art therapy, unwinding early trauma resulting in two books, “Book of Beings” and “Embracing the Shadow.” The “time” series is an investigation into a challenging relationship with the concept of time. Seven years ago, buddhas began to be important in my life and now in my artwork. Additionally, sacred geometry, especially the sri yantra, is prominent. All proceeds from the sale of my artwork are donated to Shine a Light.

The Sri Yantra is a combination of 5 downward pointing triangles representing Shakti, the divine feminine and 4 upward pointing triangles representing Shiva, the divine masculine. The nine interlocking triangles form 43 small triangles each housing a presiding deity associated with a particular aspect of existence. Our spiritual journey from material existence to ultimate enlightenment is mapped on the Sri Yantra. Visit www.studio151ashland.com to learn more.

~ Elizabeth York

Inward Bound is a therapeutic exercise and bodywork studio dedicated to functionally refining our physical and energetic bodies. Inward Bound offers private and group instruction in Pilates, the Gyrotonic Method, Aerial Yoga Play and In-Yo-Ho Meditation & Martial Arts. The studio is also offers bodywork therapies such as Thai Massage, and Autonomic Therapy.

For every $100 gift certificate that Inward Bound sells by December 31, 2016, $25 will go to Shine A Light. For more information on this offer, contact the studio at 541-778-1746.

Check out Inwardbound’s website here.

Also, Kristin Larson has donated a massage to Shine a Light. You may be the lucky recipient if you are one of our top 3 fundraisers! She focuses on deep tissue and trigger point therapy. For more information about Kristin, contact her at 702-234-0670.

Conveniently located off of I-5, on a quiet side of town and just 3 miles from downtown Ashland, the hotel offers over 13,400 square feet of flexible banquet spaces, 172 spacious guest rooms and suites and the new on-site Luna Café & Mercantile, featuring farm focused scratch kitchen cuisine and Oregon products. Experience an uplifting 1970s retro-modern, timeless design, comfortable furnishings and 14 acres of land with spectacular mountain vistas.

Visit www.ashlandhillshotel.com for more information.