How We Shine

Our partners in Oregon and India are doing incredible work to make a difference in the lives of so many.  See how we Shined in 2015 and how we hope to Shine again.  If we all do a little it adds up to a lot!

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  • Hamari Muskan ~ $3,200 Donation
    Apart from providing formal and non formal education to these children, Hamari Muskan also takes special care and attention towards their emotional as well as physical well being. Our Grant of $3,200 is being  utilized to support the after school meals, tuition  for Night classes, a computer teacher and a  theatre teacher.


  • Maslow Project ~ $3,200 Donation
    Shine A Light is helping to support Maslow Project’s Art Therapy and Counseling Program. This program provides Jackson County’s homeless youth the opportunity to engage with a supportive adult role model in a low-barrier setting that “meets them where they are”. The program utilizes a combination of traditional and non-traditional counseling approaches, including: crisis-intervention, one-to-one counseling/art therapy, brief, solution-focused therapy and a Drop-in-Art Therapy Studio. Beyond filling a void, our program helps homeless youth become more resilient, creative individuals.  When homeless youth are engaged and connected to positive role models, they are less likely to engage in risky behaviors that leave them vulnerable to sexual abuse/exploitation.


  • Wake Up! ~ $3,200 Donation
    Wake Up! is a grant funded nonprofit based out of Ashland, Oregon, that is dedicated to raising awareness about issues related to sexual violence including sex trafficking, rape, child abuse and pornography. Wake Up! focuses on prevention through education and outreach in Jackson County, and provides direct clinical therapeutic services to recent survivors of sexual violence. It typically takes 4-8 weeks for a survivor of sexual violence to access therapeutic services in Jackson County. Wake Up! assures that any recent survivor can access care immediately, and that they will have necessary support until they can access ongoing therapeutic support.


  • JC SART: Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Team ~ $3,200 Donation
    SART offers Jackson County victims of sexual assault skilled, immediate and highly collaborative care that helps lessen victims’ initial trauma, speed their healing and interrupt the destructive physical, psychological and economic after-effects that too often make rape a life sentence. Our Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) offer traumainformed medical screening, STI prevention, emergency contraception and referrals for physical and mental health concerns as well as connection to ongoing advocacy. SANE nurses are alert to signs identifying someone as a victim of sex trafficking? recently they and advocates on the response team were able to get two victims out and supply information to others not yet ready to self-identify. The trauma mitigation they offer victims is also a form of trafficking prevention, as it reduces the high rates of revictimization associated with sexual assault. In addition, SANEs collect forensic evidence that aids in securing plea bargains and convictions, helping victims find healing and justice so they can reclaim their lives. Our SANE Program Manager also coordinates victim care with victim advocates, law enforcement and DA staff to enable a cohesive response that prioritizes victims’ needs and wishes as they move through and/or consider entering the investigative and legal systems. Your support will help ensure that this proven gold standard of care and evidence collection keeps current with evolving best practices and remains available 24/7 and free of charge to all adults and adolescents in Jackson County who need it.


  • The Village Cooperative  ~ $5,000 Donation
    The Village Cooperative’s mission is To empower villages around the world to become self-sustaining through the implementation of handicraft projects, micro-financing enterprises, small business development, and vocational skills training.  Shine a Light is currently funding two projects in Kolkata, India, through the Village Cooperative: Sanlaap and Women’s Interlink Foundation. The Village Experience began its work in battling human-trafficking in 2012. One of our first partners was Sanlaap, based in Kolkata, India. Together we have constructed rescue centers, renovated drop-in centers, launched vocational skills training programs, created fair trade product, and equipped the center with much needed basic necessities. Sanlaap works tirelessly to prevent, rescue, rehabilitate, and reintegrate young girls that find themselves trapped in the sex trade. It has been our pleasure to assist them whenever possible and to help educate our network on the topic. The Village Experience has been partnered with Women’s Interlink Foundation  in Kolkata, India for many years. We whole-heartedly believe in their mission to prevent trafficking with the implementation of programs in source villages, such as Bolphur. We have witnessed their efforts in rescuing and rehabilitating young girls. Income-generating programs such as fair trade production, spice grinding, baking, and others have given the girls an outlet for their frustrations and a means to beginning their life anew. We support the programs of these two great organizations and find great joy in changing these young girl’s lives for the best.

Our partners in Oregon and India are doing incredible work to make a difference in the lives of so many.  Please take a moment and watch the slideshow.  See how we Shined in 2013 and how we hope to Shine again. If we all do a little, you’ll see in this slide show… it adds up to a lot!

Shine on!

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