Do I have to register to participate in the event?

Yes!!!!! You can link to the registration page HERE.

How can I make a donation for my challenge?

Use the Donate tab in the menu to choose the option that best applies to you!

Do I have to pick a teacher or join a team?

No. You are welcome to register for the event without choosing a teacher/team. Our teacher have committed to inspire 12 people to the challenge of raising $108 and attending the event. If you would like to choose a leader to support their challenge, please do!!

If I pick a leader or team, do I have to put my mat with them?

No. Choosing a team is simply a way to group individuals in smaller communities within the event for support to complete the fundraising challenge. Our teachers have committed to inspire 12 people to complete the challenge of raising $108 and attending the event. If you would like to choose a leader to support their challenge, please do!

How can friends make a donation for my challenge?

Once you register to participate in our event, you will automatically be given a crowd funding page. Your friends can donate on your behalf through this page.

What time does the event start?

Different events may take place at different times in different locations.  Click on events and find your location to find out when your particular event starts.

If I can't be there, can I make a donation?

Absolutely! You can make a donation in your name for any amount you choose without registering for the event. If you donate $108 or more, we will have a candle burning in your name on the “We are Here” table. Use the Donate link in the top menu to choose the best option for you.

What if I don't do yoga, can I still participate?

Absolutely. You might use this challenge as the reason to attend a yoga class led by one of our fabulous instructors before the event so you are more familiar. Follow along. Listen to the teacher’s cues. Listen to your body, acknowledging any limitations you may have. Rest. Flow.  Sit. Witness.

Why 108?

The number 108 is considered sacred in many Eastern religions and traditions. The individual numbers 1, 0, and 8 represent one thing, nothing, and everything (infinity). 108 represents the ultimate reality of the universe as being simultaneously one, emptiness and infinite.

Who gets the money raised and how will it be used?

Shine a Light will partner with organizations in India and Oregon to support the education, rehabilitation, refuge and support of anyone affected by or vulnerable to sex trafficking or the commercial sex industry. Shine a Light Impact Grants will provide the support for projects and/or services that our partners believe in, but aren’t happening because financial resources are limited or unavailable.  Click HERE to read about the organizations we hope to support.

How much of the money really makes it to the partners?

All of the money donated by you or on your behalf has a very direct link to our recipients. Shine a Light is securing sponsors to cover much of the event costs. This includes website fees, credit card fees, gym rental, printing and supplies, event insurance, site visit travel expenses and government fees. We guarantee that 75% of the proceeds from the Shine a Light event on December 18th will arrive at our partner organizations. Shine a Light is a non-profit with 501(c)3 designation for charitable contributions.

Is there a fundraising goal?

If the fundraising model is successful, we will have 12 teachers with 12 students raising $108 each. As the organizer, I am also challenging myself to inspire a team of 12. That makes 13 teams of 12 raising $108 for a grand total of $16,848. Always exploring the edge, we’ve set the goal as… $40,000!

Will you have cool shirts and sweatshirts for sale?

Yes. And they are indeed…very cool! Bright white print on black apparel is back.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! Please contact us if you are interested!

How do I use the email template?