December 20, 2013 – Ashland High School Gymnasium

6pm – (Check in begins at 5pm)

candles for front pageI will help.Solstice Front Page

I will participate.

I will make a difference.

I will shine a light into the darkness.



On December 20th, our community will come together to make a difference. For a second year, we will gather on one of the longest nights of the year, practice yoga by candlelight, hold vigil, embrace healing and Shine a Light for the millions of children, teens and adults living in the dark shadow of sex trafficking and the commercial sex industry. We will join hands, hearts, and consciousness to create the strength and unity that comes from togetherness.

Thirteen fabulous and inspiring yoga teachers will guide us through 108 asanas.

Each participant is challenged to raise a minimum of $108.

Each participant will have a candle to Shine a Light into the darkness.

Our cause? Shine a Light will partner with organizations in Oregon and India to give refuge, rehabilitation and hope to individuals affected by sex trafficking or the commercial sex industry. Shine a Light Impact Grants will provide the support for projects and/or services that our partners believe in, but are difficult to implement or sustain because financial resources are limited or unavailable.

108 asanas. $108. With everyone challenged to raise a little, we raise a lot.

On one of the longest nights of the year, will you join us to Shine a Light into the darkness?

Be a part of this amazing experience! Registration is limited to 200 participants.